Convert and Sync Blackberry Local Contacts to Gmail Contact

Nowadays, it is common for some of us to have 2 or more phone with us. One for work and one for our personal usage. Same for me 🙂

I am using a blackberry q10 running Blackberry OS. I typically sync my contacts to gmail so that i have the same sets of contacts and address books between both phones.

One reason is to enable me to use either phone to call when one of them is flat. And to keep my sanity knowing that contacts details and synced on both phones when i update the my contacts in either of the phone or in gmail.

However, there are some scenarios when i added clients on my blackberry and its saved as a local contact in the phone which is not sync-ed.



To solve this issue where the contacts are not synced between the BB mobile and gmail contatcs account,

1) Click on the Contacts icon

2) Open the contact which u knew u saved locally in only the BB phone

3) at the bottom row, you should see the “pencil”, “Chain” and “3 dots” icons, click on the “3 dots” icon

4) Select “copy to” and ensure that the gmail account u want to sync with is ticked. and select “Done”

5) To verify that the contact is linked and synced to your preferred gmail account, click on the “chain” icon, you should see that its linked with your local contacts and gmail contact”


In a few minutes time, login to and check under the contact list, your newly synced contact will appear 🙂

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