Free 100Gb of Microsoft Onedrive Cloud Storage for Dropbox users

Free 100Gb of Onedrive Cloud storage given by Microsoft for Dropbox users


Seems like microsoft are on good terms with dropbox. They are now giving out 100Gb of free cloud space for a period of one year.


Why are they giving 100Gb of  online storage for free?

Well, it could be due to marketing awareness for their onedrive (or skydrive) which is not as well known as dropbox and google drive.


How to claim the free 100Gb of microsoft onedrive storage space without doing anything, other than applying?

1) Go to this link

guide to get free onedrive storage


2) You will be prompted to sign into your microsoft account. It will be your or email address.

3) After signing in, you will be prompted to save a file to dropbox

100gb of onedrive storage for dropbox users



4)  After clicking on “save to dropbox” a window will pop up, asking us to login to dropbox. Of course, we have to sign in to dropbox to redeem the free 100Gb of space. If you are not a dropbox user, apply for dropbox account at the popup

5) After logging into dropbox, it will require us to save a file “Onedrive_GetStarted.pdf” into the “Save” Folder.saving into  dropbox folder


6) Save it and check back your Onedrive and be wowed!dropbox bonus 100gb cloud storage for 1year - enthusiast bonus


See the above screenshot? Microsoft named it as enthusiast bonus. Sounds great!


Now u seen the camera roll bonus from my screenshot? I add a guide soon to get the free 15Gb from microsoft!


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