How To Delete a Wireless Network In Windows 8

If you are using windows 8 (inclusive of windows 8.x), you should have noticed that the feature to manage your wireless connection like windows 7 / vista is missing in Network and Sharing Center.

Clicking on the wireless icon at the bottom right of the screen does show us the wifi network around us and allow us to forget a network, provided that we can see it.

But what will happened if the wireless network profile that we wanted to remove in windows 8 is hidden (hidden SSID)? Or the wireless network which we connect to while we are in a hotel / airport overseas? We simply cant forget the network as we wish to.

However, there are still ways, using the command prompt to show all wireless profiles on our windows 8 PC and delete them.

How to managed wireless network in windows 8 using command prompt.

Here the solution to removing hidden wifi network in windows 8 without the graphical user interface (GUI)

1) open up command prompt. Right click at the bottom left of the screen and select command prompt (Admin), in desktop mode of windows 8

2) type in “netsh wan show profiles” this will show you all the wireless network you have connected to.

3) Take note of the profile name that you wish to delete.

4) type in “netsh wlan delete profile name=”ProfileToBeDeleted”

how to delete windows 8 wireless network using command prompt.png

As you can see in the example, i have a wireless network called “testprofile”

By typing in “netsh wlan delete profile name=”testprofile” i will have remove it permanently from my windows wireless setting.


Any more questions on how to deleted a saved wireless network in windows 8? Leave us a comment below


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