How to Find Your External IP WAN Address

Ever found the situation where a friend wish to link to your home network, and you have no idea what your external IP is.

Do note that external IP Address is different from internal ip address.

An external IP address is an address, which can identify you on the world wide web and tell servers your regional location.

There are a few methods to do there

Method 1 to detect your external IP address

The easy way out is to go to website which can detect your WAN ip such as

Method 2 to find out your WAN Address

This method will be useĀ  a program called command prompt.

To fire up this program, go to the start button (if u are using windows 7 and older OS) else, press “windows key + F” on your windows 8 machine.

type in “cmd” without quotes and a black windows should appear.

type in “tracert”

this is to trace the packet path that travels from your PC to the final destination which will be

You can simply replace with any website address.

Typically, the 1st IP listed will be your router internal IP (gateway) address. and the 2nd IP address listed will be your WAN address.

3rd Way to Locate WAN IP Address issued by ISP

The above 2 methods are pretty straight forward. This last method will require some technical knowledge to get the information we want.

You are required to know your router’s IP address.

We will have to make use of command prompt again to do that

Go to the start button (if u are using windows 7 or older OS) else, press “windows key + F” together on your windows 8 computer.

type in “cmd” without quotes and a black windows should appear.

type in “ipconfig” and information such as your IP Address, subnet mask, default gateway will appear.

The IP address refers to the address that was issued by the router on your internal network (more of that in another post) while the default gateway address will be the router’s internal IP address.

command prompt find router gateway ip address


Take note of the address, typically in the format, aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd such as or

as shown in the image above, the gateway address is (we will use this number as the example)

and the PC ip address on the network is

And type the address ( into your internet browser’s address bar, the portion where you type in website address. Internet browsers refer to programs that allows you to surf the web, such as internet explorer, firefox, opera and google chrome.

And a login screen, with the branding of the router, will greet you. Key in the login name and password. Typically admin, administrator, root or password in any order.

When you managed to login to the page, go to the status page and check the WAN Ip Address, it should tally with the address displayed using either method 1 or 2



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