Initiate Windows 7 Shutdown in 1 second or Less

Human are lazy animals. We always wanted to do the most with least efforts.

For me, i find that moving my mouse cursor to the start button, clicking the start button and moving to it to shut down take around 5s. i use dual monitor and sometimes triple, hence u can image the distance my mouse cursor has to travel just to shutdown the system!

Now with this method, you can initial your windows 7 shutdown in 1 second or less.

this method does not shutdown your windows 7 in one second, but is to initial the shutdown process. how long the process takes will still be dependable on the amount of programs opened and of couse, the speed of your computer 🙂

And the magical command to do this is to hit these 3 keyboard button in sequential order.

windows logo button on keyboard

Here the quick method to initiate windows 7 shutdown in 1seond!

1) Windows Logo Key (typically located at bottom left of the keyboard, between Alt and Ctrl)

2) Right Arrow

3) Enter



And you can done!


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