Windows 7 Code 43 USB Mass Storage Device Not Recognized

Need help for Windows 7 Code 43 error when u plug in a usb external hard disk and it is not recognized by the system?

And the same usb device works fine on other pc system, but not the current system?


Here are some quick fixes to provide the solution to fix this issue!

Quick Fix 1 to fix Windows 7 Code 43

Try changing USB port on the same system. Sometimes, the easiest method work!


Quick Solution 2 to solve error Code 43

Ensure that the usb external hard disk is not connected to a USB hub / splitter. If yes, connect directly to the mainboard. Back Panel on Desktops or Other USB ports, if u are using a notebook


Quick Fix 3 to fix Windows 7 error Code 43

1) Open up device manager

2) Disk drives

3) look for the usb storage device and select uninstall and remove the usb mass storage device physically by removing the cable from the system.

4) Restart the system and allow startup programs to load. Once loaded, connect the external drive again


Quick Fix 4 to solve Code 43 windows error

Perform windows update and install all the important updates.


Quick Fix 5 to repair Windows 7 Code 43

1) Open up device manager

2) Expand Universal Serial Bus Controller

3) Right click on all items and uninstall all usb drivers u seen there.

4) Restart the system

5) Allow system to reinstall everything by itself after the restart

* If your mouse is usb, system might not response.


Quick Fix 5 

Go to our manufacturer website and update the mainboard chipset drivers to the latest version.

If you are not sure of where to check your system model. Download CPUZ

and check the mainboard model.


Last Fix 6 to solve windows 7 code 43 error

If everything else cant work after the above 5 fixes, try this.

Power off the system and disconnect the power cable / adapter. Leave the system alone for 10 minutes. If you are using a laptop, remove the battery as well.

Restart the system after 10 minutes and reconnect the USB device.